How to recover debt from a tenant?

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Let’s assume that you have a flat that you do not currently use and you want to rent it. Yes, you have some concerns about which tenant you will find, but after all so many people rent flats and nothing bad is happening. You publish an ad on the Internet, there are several interested ones.

You decide to rent the person who makes the best impression on you and seems trustworthy to you. Everything is fine for some time.

Payments arrive on time


Nobody complains. And contact with the tenant is regular. However, something changes, payments are delayed, debt increases, contact seems to be less frequent, in the end the phone stops. You drive to the apartment and you discover that the tenant has disappeared without paying any obligations.

If the lease agreement has not been terminated or terminated with immediate effect and the tenant left his belongings in the apartment, absolutely do not enter the apartment, which is still the subject of the contract . If we still enter the apartment and there are things left by the tenant, he may accuse us of theft or violation of private property.

We must send the tenant to the permanent address of residence

We must send the tenant to the permanent address of residence

which we have in the lease agreement by registered mail with confirmation of receipt, a request to pay all amounts due with the given date of payment. We leave a copy of this summons as evidence for a possible court case. In the request, it should also be noted that if the tenant continues to avoid contacting us and fails to pay his debts, we will take legal action and terminate the contract immediately.

If the tenant ignores this call, the next step is to send the notice of termination of the lease agreement with immediate effect, but only if the provision of such eventuality is included in the contract. If the contract does not include such a provision, we must wait for the end of the notice period and send another request for payment. When the lease has been terminated, the owner has the right to enter the apartment and draw up a report that entitles him to take over the deposit, which was paid by the tenant when signing the contract.

Remember to make a report

Remember to make a report

In the presence of witnesses who are not related to us in any way, e.g. in the presence of neighbors. If the owner does not have the keys to the apartment and, in addition, the tenant has left his belongings in it, it is necessary to ask the police for assistance, who will draw up a separate report on this occasion.

It will be necessary for the police to present the case and show relevant documents, i.e. the property deed, copies of calls sent to the tenant or the termination of the contract itself. Unfortunately, recovering arrears from tenants is often long and stressful.

Very often, before the next rental, the owner must bear the costs of renovations and repairs of the apartment because the former tenant left them in a deplorable condition, which further increases irritation.

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